Privacy Policy

For purposes of this Policy, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is defined as information, confidential or otherwise, which can be attributed to the individual to whom it pertains. Information and elements thereof which cannot be specifically attributed to the individual to whom it pertains shall not be considered to be PII and may not be subject to the protections of this Policy or other protections. This Online Privacy Policy describes GRF’s collection, storage and use of PII by GRF through its website, eCommerce, and other technical means. In addition to this policy, GRF maintains a corporate Privacy Policy established by the GRF Board as GRF Board Policy 104.3.

GRF may collect PII through any of the following:

  • GRF’s website located at;
  • the use of online trackers (cookies) from GRF’s website or other third-party
  • information you provide online to GRF or other third parties operating in support
    or partnership with GRF;
  • information you provide in person at GRF’s physical offices located in Rossmoor,
    Walnut Creek;
  • information you provide through physical or electronic correspondence such as
    mail or email;

GRF will not knowingly collect/use information relating to any child under age 13. Do not provide PII regarding a child under age 13 to GRF. Upon learning that information belonging to a child under 13 has been collected, GRF will purge that information from its records and close/disallow any accounts to be established or accessed using such person’s identity. If you become aware that information regarding a child under 13 has been submitted through our website, please notify GRF using the contact information below so that we may remove such information from our systems.

1. Information GRF Collects

GRF may collect any of the following information about you:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email address
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Date of birth/age
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Physical description
  • Information pertaining to your credit or financial condition, including payments made/owed to GRF and payment accounts
  • Websites and social media addresses
  • Vehicle information including drivers’ license and vehicle registration numbers
  • Various social, club, religious, and political affiliations
  • Family relationships
  • Marital status
  • Property ownership
  • Gate access information
  • Exercise habits

2. When GRF Collects Your Information

  • When you become a Member of GRF;
  • When you apply for and/or obtain a product or service from GRF;
  • When you participate in an activity provided by GRF;
  • When you purchase, lease or otherwise occupy property within Rossmoor and register with GRF;
  • When you enter GRF through its security gates;
  • When you operate a motor vehicle inside Rossmoor – Walnut Creek;
  • When you access a GRF website;
  • When you access certain third-party websites, which deploy tracking cookies;
  • When you respond to a GRF solicitation or submit an inquiry;
  • When you make a payment to GRF or finance an amount owed to GRF;

3. Cookies

GRF uses cookies on its website to obtain information about visitors to its website and their interests and Internet use. Cookies are a common feature of websites
which store a small data file on your computer with information about your visit to GRF’s and other websites. Cookies are used to help GRF learn about the
interests of visitors to its website, in order to improve GRF’s website experience. Common types of cookies that may be employed by GRF include any of the following:

  • Analytics Cookies, permit GRF to evaluate and improve its website performance, based on how it is used.
  • Browser/Device Information Cookies, provide GRF with information about how you access GRF’s site, including your browser, media apps, computer type,
    operating system, software versions, device type and manufacturer, language, internet address, internet service provider, and other information relating to how you interface with GRF’s website. This information is collected automatically by through most web browsers.
  • Enhanced Experience Cookies, enhance your experience on GRF’s website by enabling such functions as audio/video playback, third party services, and
    social media access.
  • Google Analytics Cookies, collect anonymous statistics in order to improve the website. You can learn more about these cookies by going to  where you may also opt-out of this service by downloading a browser add-on.
  • Marketing Cookies, track visitors to GRF’s website across other websites and provide GRF with information regarding the interests of visitors to GRF’s
    website so that GRF can custom tailor the user’s experience.
  • Required Cookies, make it possible for you to navigate GRF’s website and use its features. Without these cookies, GRF’s website may not function properly.
  • Statistics Cookies, help us understand how you interact with websites by collecting and reporting anonymous statistical data.

Information collected by cookies may be accessible to other third party companies not affiliated with GRF.

You can manage cookies and similar technologies by refusing to accept cookies when notified of their presence either by your browser or the website. You can
also set up cookie preferences in your browser to automatically reject cookies. Of course, rejecting cookies may alter your website experience for various pages.

GRF’s website does not respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals. However, some third-party sites may keep track of your browsing history when they provide
content on behalf of GRF, which enables them to custom tailor their content. If you visit such sites, they may not respond to the DNT signal on your browser so
that third parties, including advertisers, know that you do not want to be tracked (GRF has no control over third party practices. You should refer to the specific
disclosures provided by such third parties).

To learn more about cookies, including how to locate, manage, and remove them, you can visit the following website:

If you would like to remove all cookies previously installed on your computer, you can do so through many common anti-virus programs, or obtain software
commonly available online that will remove tracking cookies from your computer.

4. How GRF Uses Your Information

  • GRF may use aggregate de-identified data derived from the information you provide for marketing and other commercial purposes, without disclosing any
    information which could be used to link the information to any particular person, address, phone number or other individual/personal identifier.
  • If you have requested information or periodic updates (either via email or regular mail), your email and/or mailing address will appear on correspondence, which may be exposed to third parties gaining access to your accounts or physical address.
  • GRF may use any information you provide in order to send you targeted information concerning products or service provided by GRF which it believes
    you may be interested in.
  • GRF may use Member information to provide functionality for other systems such as access control systems, Member services systems, record keeping
    systems, accounting systems and others.

5. Information Sharing Practices

  • GRF does not disclose PII it collects regarding its Members, customers, visitors to its website or others, except as minimally required by applicable law or, as necessary to defend itself against any regulatory or judicial process, except as otherwise described herein.
  • GRF limits access to PII within the company on a need to know basis.
  • GRF is subject to certain legal disclosure requirements, including those applicable to California Corporations, and provisions of the Davis Stirling Act
    applicable to a Community Service Organization (CSO). These requirements include the maintenance of a list of all Members’ names and addresses and the
    requirement that such information be made available to Members for inspection and copying [Ca. Civ. Code §5200 et. Seq.].
  • Any person who misuses information obtained from a membership list may be liable for damages to the persons on such list [Ca. Corp. Code §8338(b)].
  • When GRF engages a third party to perform services on behalf of GRF or its Members or other customers online, the Member will be redirected to a splash
    page indicating they are leaving a GRF site and entering a 3rd party site subject to the privacy policy, terms and conditions of the 3rd party. Member will have the ability to opt-out.
  • Members may opt-out from inclusion in certain disclosures under Ca. Civ. Code §5200 et. Seq., by notifying GRF in writing that you prefer to be contacted via an alternative process as described in Ca. Corp. Code §8330(c). Any such request, if approved, shall remain in effect until cancelled.

6. Information Security

GRF seeks to use industry standard physical, technical and administrative safeguards in order to protect your PII. However, no system is 100% secure. If you have reason to believe that your information has been compromised, you should immediately notify GRF and provide as much detail about your concerns as possible. “All PII that is transmitted online to GRF or its partners is encrypted.”

7. Changes To GRF Policies

GRF reserves the right to update this policy at any time, with or without notice. If GRF makes changes to its privacy/data security policies, such changes will be posted on GRF’s website and elsewhere as deemed appropriate. Therefore, you should visit this site regularly for updates on GRF’s privacy/data security policies.

8. Jurisdiction

GRF is a corporation domiciled exclusively in Walnut Creek, CA, US. GRF does not engage in consumer transactions outside of Walnut Creek, CA US, and therefore makes no attempt to comply with any laws outside of this jurisdiction and disclaims any obligation to do so. GRF will not share your information with anyone outside of the United States.

9. Updating Your Information

This website is owned and operated by Golden Rain Foundation of Walnut Creek. If you have questions or concerns about GRF’s privacy policies or practices, or if you wish to change the information you provided to GRF, you may contact us at:

Golden Rain Foundation of Walnut Creek
1001 Golden Rain Rd Walnut Creek, CA 94595
(925) 988-7700
[email protected]

Please note that messages you leave on GRF websites and emails you send are not encrypted. Therefore, you should not transmit any confidential information in your emails, texts or online messages to GRF.

If at any time, you wish to stop all communications from GRF, you may do so by contacting GRF and notifying GRF of that fact.

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